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About NSSS


The Nepalese Society of Soil Science (NSSS) or “NS cubed” was founded in 1991 by a number of soil science professionals. It was formed with the aims to institutionalize research and publication efforts and to advance the knowledge of soil science in the country. After a decade of active deliberation, the society remained inactive until recently when it was revived at a national gathering of soil scientists on 27 March 2015. Within a short time, more than 50 individuals have joined the society, and the number is expected to rise from within Nepal and abroad. To keep abreast with the new developments in soil science research more effectively, the initial bylaw has been amended by an assembly of the society’s general body. In the face of growing unsustainable land management practices of natural resources, and deteriorating land productivity, we understand that this society in Nepal should be at the leading edge of efforts to place value on soil and the development of sustainable food production and environmental stewardship.


The NSSS aims to put consolidated efforts to:

  • Continued professional growth of scientists engaged in soil science
  •  Promote knowledge of soil science and expand it to include broader ecosystem functions and services to make it more relevant to society
  • Support farmers and government line ministries in the development of  sustainable use of soil resources, food security and energy security
  • Develop cooperation and exchange programs with national, regional and international academic, research and development  institutions
  • Conduct research and disseminate knowledge and its applications through workshops, seminars and original publications
  • Promote education about soil quality through a number of initiatives aimed at schools, colleges and universities
  • Make soil science an attractive and respected profession.