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Soil Excursion and Soil Judging Competition 2017

नेप्लिज सोसाइट..

Invitation to attend Talk Program

NSSS is organizing a Talk Program on Soi..

त्रितिय स्थान: कोपिला श्रेष्ठ :: माटो र कोसेबाली, मानव जिवनसगँ अपरिहार्य

Name: Kopila Shrestha University: Purba..

प्रथम स्थान: रामचन्द्र न्यौपाने ::माटो र कोशेबाली मानव जीवनसँग अपरिहार्य सम्बन्ध

प्रथम स्थान: रा..

Announcing the winners of National Essay writing competition

Finally, the most waiting moment is now ..

Conference Program Schedule

National Conference on Soils Organized ..

Invitation to celebrate World Soil Day 2016

Dear members and friends, World soil d..


Nepalese Society of Soil Science, Nepal ..

बिश्व माटो सप्ताह २०१६ ::राष्ट्रिय निबन्ध प्रतियोगिता

नेप्लिज सोसाइट..

हार्दिक श्रद्दान्जली

यस नेप्लिज सोस..

Our Services

Open Access Soil Journals

NSSS publishes journal on soils of Nepal which is open access.

Digital Soil Mapping

NSSS provides services on digital soil mapping, satellite imagery, GPS and GIS.

NSSS Research Grants

NSSS has grants opportunity for research on soils of Nepal.